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Yellowbird Planerboards in de Pre-Sale bij Hollandlures

Yellowbird planerboards zijn vanaf januari exclusief verkrijgbaar bij Hollandlures Predator Fishing. Binnenkort is de gehele serie uit voorraad leverbaar.

Kijk de promo film en ontdek de ongekende mogelijkheden op de Hollandse wateren.

Bestel in de Pre-Sale!!


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Railblaza Quikport plak houder voor hengelsteun of fishfinder

railblaza quikport sub steun

Hold your camera, navigation lights, phone, gas bottle or drink holder on to your inflatable boat or SUP, or almost anywhere else, without drilling holes.

quikport-new-150x142 railblaza quikport railblaza quikport sub steun





The QuikPort is a stylish, low profile, stick-on mount. Designed to fit into much tighter spaces than the RIBPort, and is a lower cost option. Made in New Zealand from quality engineering plastics, the QuikPort comes with a 3M VHB self-adhesive pad, or can be glued if that’s your preference.

Suitable for use on almost any surface, QuikPort is proven to stick well to PVC, Hypalon, fibreglass, epoxy, and will even stick to polyethylene kayaks.


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Railblaza Kayak motormount nu beschikbaar!


Are you looking for a strong and secure way to mount your motor to your kayak? Do you need it to be removable? RAILBLAZA have you covered. The RAILBLAZA Universal Kayak Motor Mount Bracket combines the flexibility of RAILBLAZA mounts with some clever design, delivering a mounting bracket for electric outboards and even petrol outboards up to 2.5HP. Super easy to clip on and off, your kayak can change from paddle only, to motor ready in under 30 seconds.

This bracket will fit almost all models of kayak, and is suitable for, but not limited to, the following motors;

  • Minn Kota, all transom mount models
  • MotorGuide, all transom mount models
  • Water Snake, all transom mount models
  • Torqeedo, all transom mount models
  • Honda Marine 2HP
  • Mercury 2.5HP
  • Yamaha 2HP

railblaza-motor-bracket-04-4091-11_600 kayak-motor-mount-kit-2 railblaza KAYAK MOTOR MOUNT







For added versatility you can add a RailMount 32-41 or two (not included) to add rod holders, lights or camera mounts just behind the cockpit.

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C-Tug SandTrakz Kayak Cart mul zand trolley

ctuc sandtrakz buy online

C-Tug SandTrakz Kayak Cart leverbaar bij Hollandlures

The Ultimate Kayak & Canoe Sand Cart
railblaza Ctuc sandtrakz kayak trolley

The New Zealand made C-TUG Kayak and Canoe Sand Carts setting new standards with its sophisticated style and precision design. C-TUG SandTrakz is the best, most versatile and durable kayak cart on the market. It carries up to 80kg (170lbs), dismantles for easy stowing, won’t rust.
The only “engineered” cart on the market!
When it comes to moving loads over soft sand, wider wheels are not necessarily better. Bulldozers and military tanks use long tracks, reducing the chance of them digging in. SandTrakz puncture free wheels mimic this track system, the outer rim compresses when in use giving a longer track length. On soft sand this reduces how hard you have to pull to move your cart by more than half compared to standard puncture free Kiwi Wheels*! In fact the SandTrakz system is so effective we think it’s better than balloon wheels!

  • Half the effort*
  • Puncture free
  • Fits inside hatches

Whilst they are designed to make life easier on soft surfaces, SandTrakz wheels are great on hard surfaces. Because C-TUG SandTrakz are designed to compress they act like suspension on hard surfaces, making for easy transition from soft to hard surfaces.
Patent pending, C-TUG SandTrakz Wheels are made in New Zealand.
*See test results below.



sandtrakz-hatch ctuc sandtrakz buy online ctuc sandtrakz on beach

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Fish Whistle Lures and Tackle test

Fish Whistle Fire Tiger - Hollandlures

Fish Whistle Lures and Tackle

“High quality custom made fishing lures for multiple species. Muskie (musky) pike is where the origin is from, but largemouth bass and others love them too.”
Goede reden om deze aparte van Lawrence Bendandi te testen tijdens onze volgende trip naar Zweden in mei. Verder lezen Fish Whistle Lures and Tackle test

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Ervaringen met de Railblaza C-Tug compacte demontabele kayaktrolley

trolley strand
Railblaza C-Tug Kajaktrolley

Op zoek naar demontabele kajaktrolley

Tijdens onze zoektocht naar een compacte Kayaktrolley vonden we een diversiteit in merken, uitvoeringen en prijzen. Lees hier onze ervaringen met de Railblaza C-Tug kayak trolley.

Verder lezen Ervaringen met de Railblaza C-Tug compacte demontabele kayaktrolley

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De Twentse beken & kanalen ( Deel 1, Chatterbaits)

twentse beken 1
Karel Ketting Olivier op pad langs de Twentse  Beken en kanalen.

Deel 1, “Chatterbaits”.

Op de foto hierboven is te zien hoe in de zomer de Bornse beek rechts de Lolee binnen komt en een 3-sprong vormt. Meestal heb je hier garantie op een paar aanbeten. Ook geeft het direct een beeld van mijn viswater.

Verder lezen De Twentse beken & kanalen ( Deel 1, Chatterbaits)

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Altijd al een keer een Viskayak willen proberen?

Foto 20-11-14 11 07 54 (2)

Viskano proberen?

Hollandlures is dealer van Feelfree Fishing Kayaks. We hebben voor de Nederlandse markt een Demo Feelfree  Lure 11.5 viskayak beschikbaar. Deze uitermate stabiele kayak van 91cm breed en 3.50mtr lang is op afspraak te testen in regio Haarlem. Ook zijn alle mogelijke opties aanwezig en te proberen. Neem contact op voor het plannen van een proefvaart.

Verder lezen Altijd al een keer een Viskayak willen proberen?