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Railblaza Quikport plak houder voor hengelsteun of fishfinder

railblaza quikport sub steun

Hold your camera, navigation lights, phone, gas bottle or drink holder on to your inflatable boat or SUP, or almost anywhere else, without drilling holes.

quikport-new-150x142 railblaza quikport railblaza quikport sub steun





The QuikPort is a stylish, low profile, stick-on mount. Designed to fit into much tighter spaces than the RIBPort, and is a lower cost option. Made in New Zealand from quality engineering plastics, the QuikPort comes with a 3M VHB self-adhesive pad, or can be glued if that’s your preference.

Suitable for use on almost any surface, QuikPort is proven to stick well to PVC, Hypalon, fibreglass, epoxy, and will even stick to polyethylene kayaks.


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