feelfree overdive pedaal systeem viskano

Feelfree Overdrive pedaal en elektromotor systeem

Feelfree ‘Overdrive’ Pedal System,

Demand from customers for alternate drive systems has been huge over the last year or so and Feelfree Kayak has been secretly working away at a drive system that’s going to change the game of fishing.

Feelfree’s new Overdrive system is the first true hybrid system on the market with an easy and ergonomic Pedal Drive that can be upgraded with the addition of a Motorhead unit to add power to the same system.

feelfree overdive pedaal systeem viskano
Feelfree Overdrive Pedaal en Emotor drive

Other notable features include the fact that Overdrive will retrofit into any Feelfree Kayak that features the current sonar pod so you won’t necessarily have to buy a new kayak to go powered as you will with other companies.

Feelfree Lure overdrive viskano pedaal stsyeem trapkano

There’s a new hand control that fits to the current rudder system that lets you control your rudder when you’re pedalling which again saves on upgrade costs –

Feelfree Overdrive rudder system
Feelfree Lure 1.5 Rudder controle

Along with new seat bracket that lets you personalise the distance between seat and pedals whilst keeping full functionality of your Gravity seat.

Feelfree overdrive gravityseat system
Feelfree Lure 11.5 Gravity Seat adjustment

A remote controller for the Motorhead unit can be mounted easily to hand.

Feelfree Edrive overdrive
Feelfree Lure 11.5 motor controle Overdrive


Another unique feature is that the propeller blades are adjustable for pitch so you can dial in your own preference here as well.

The Overdrive unit shown at ICAST was pre-production so there will be changes to appearance and construction materials. Expected price and availability will be announced closer to release date but make sure your customers know that they can safely buy their new Lure with sonar pod now – safe in the knowledge that it will be upgradable to Overdrive. Overdrive is also patented globally so you can be sure that this technology will stay unique to Feelfree kayak.

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